Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Couple of Angels: 一對天使夫婦

It was the summer of 1976 at Tainan Tung-ning Church when we last saw him, just a high school kid. 

We saw him again last month.  He now has a wife and two grown up kids.  And I’d call him and his wife a couple of angels.

He has been a Christian since we first met.  She was not a Christian when they first met.  However, slowly and profoundly she has been becoming a Christian too.  Not just because of the love of him, but the deeds of him.

They take care of each other.  And they take care of others too.

The first evening we met at their home, I asked her about how she rated her husband semi-jokingly.

“I am always proud of presenting him around my co-workers at school,” she said, and gently added, “I am so proud of him.”  
Right there and then I saw her tears dropping and she wiped them off. 

She is a high school English teacher.

She quickly and softly added, ”My husband cried over me when I was sick… more than once.”

He held her hands and quietly touched her shoulder.

The true love does not show off.   Love simply endures.

Love is the essence of being an angel.  

In this case, love is the essence of being a couple of angels.

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