Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More than enough?

As usual, this is a true story and it just happened over the last weekend.

I was lucky to meet a family of four.  I call them by their nicknames. The father is SA (Senior Angel,) the mother MA (Mature Angel,) the uncle UA (Uncle Angel) and the daughter LA (Little Angel.)  They are our old time friends.

About six months ago my wife and I began a charity drive to offer that all my book sales are turned into the scholarship for the needy students at the Dept. of Theology, CJCU.   Many friends sent their money in whether they got a copy of the book or not.  A check here and a direct deposit there – all are to be used for the scholarship.  These acts drove up the total scholarship rather quickly and often earned our tears as well.

A week ago we updated a total donation of NT$448,993.00 on the website just to show the kind of closing amount.  All the books were gone.  Then I got a call from the United States.  It was MA.

“I just looked at your website, and we would like to make the total donation to 500,000.  Could we?” MA asked.

“Well, you have done more than enough,” I said, “We ran out of books.  The charity drive was actually closed.”  The MA family surely did more than enough, and the charity drive did close.

“But we wanted to…” She insisted.  You know how it went.  The conversation went on and on for a few more minutes.  Nobody won.

Last week, I received two more donations of NT$2,007,

Just last Saturday, I received a call from UA.  He said, “We saw the total amount grew to 451,000.  Now we are making it to reach exactly 500,000.”  (That was a statement, not a question.) Softly and politely he added, “Donations can never be more than enough, right?”

How right the MA and UA and all the anonymous angels are!   
And how wrong I have been! 
Who am I to say that one’s donation to the charity is more than enough?

Most tears are grace. 
Money does talk. 
Love just touches deeper.

The Heavenly and human angels sing and shine over the Christmas season.

They sing and shine all year long! 

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