Thursday, May 24, 2012


Angels in a Tunnel

My wife and I met her about 8 months ago in a southern rural church.  She and her husband were the members of the singing team at the church.  They were relatively new comers and yet very dedicated to their faith.

And it all started as my service stopped shortly before the end of last semester.  I received an email saying how she had appreciated my sermons while she laughed (with tears at times) and how the worship services had helped her steadily growing.  My wife told me who she might have been.  It was a right-on guess.

And then, like a sudden afternoon thunderstorm, she had to quit her job because of illness. We kept in touch constantly and soon she retreated back to her childhood home. 

We went to visit her and her parents a few times.  The bus ride was so unusual that even a bus driver missed the bus-stop one time.  The other time, she insisted that she’d come out and meet us by a tunnel near her home.

And then, there she was, in that semi-dark tunnel, slowly walking toward us, smiling lightly…I thought I saw an angel, no, two angels right there in that tunnel where the motorbikes and cars and buses passing by above us.

She was like an angel, smiling, and there was a light shadow kind of angel watching over her, also smiling.  I still can see now: two angels in a tunnel, like sisters, like siblings, like one set of the footprints in the sand while one carries the other…

She was not alone.  She has never been alone. 

No one will ever have to be alone in the path of life…