Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Angels, Unrecognized

They could easily be passed by the church standards as the non-believers.  And they actually are non-Christians.  They don’t talk like one of us, and they don’t act like one of the so called Christians.

Here they are, seven of them, my high school (南一中) classmates.  We have met as a group less than eight times in the last 53 years.  And when we met, we still called each other the nicknames we used to call when we were in high school.  We shared different jokes now and then with certain respect unknown to the outsiders. 

We also shared the memories of our few friends who were gone prematurely years ago.  When we were together, we laughed till our tears dropped.   We are, after all, grandpas now.  But we still act like the growing young adults facing the world with those never ending wonders.  When we were together, looking at each others, silently wondering what the heck happened in the last 50+ years…

And most of all, we stand together with good causes.  Like the charity drive for the scholarship of the needy students of the Dept of Theology at CJCU (長榮大學) since last summer.   It was not the first charity they have faced. And just the three of them came up with more than 20% of the grand total of NT$500,000.  

They would certainly go as angels unrecognized most of the time.  And they did.  They don’t look a bit like angels.  Like most men over 70’s, they just look old.  They don’t even have enough sideburns, let alone the wings, to show off. 

Simply put, unlike angels, they don’t fly.

Still, their hearts and their deeds are flying high like angels.

Angels are, more often than one may think, passing by unrecognized. 

Love, hearts and deeds of the angels are always felt and recognized, universally.

Like here and now, Tainan, Taiwan, 2013…

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