Monday, July 2, 2012

Like Most Kids...

... I believe in angels.  They are everywhere waiting to be discovered. 

One can see them in people as ordinary as you and me; and as extraordinary as Mother Teresa. 

Some of them do not have wings.  But all of them have smiles that shine, words that comfort, deeds that embrace love, and hugs that cause graceful tears.

One does not have to be an angel to meet another angel.  Yet the results of the encounters often make more angels. 

You see, like the good news they are carrying, angels are contagious and always with the power of transforming.

Not all of us would become saints, or theologians, or prophets or great preachers.  Yet every one of us could become angels when we catch that contagious love of another angel.

Perhaps heavens would have more little angels like us than all the saints, theologians, prophets and preachers combined.

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